Fire Of Ceni’s Central Warewhouse In Kinshasa

Definitely, ridicule does not kill

On the morning of December 13, 2018, we learned of the news of the fire that devastated the warehouse of the CENI in Kinshasa, where about 97% of the electoral material intended for Kinshasa was burned down. Quickly, as fast as the fire started, Kabila’s government began to point the finger at the opposition. Yet, a simple look in the social media on the trail of this incident, demonstrates a different story:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 22:19, His Excellency Barnabé Kikaya Bin Karubi, Diplomatic Advisor to President Kabila Tweets:

Criminal fire at the central warehouse of the CENI in Kinshasa, 7000 MAV, urns and insulators calcinated. The enemies of democracy are moving up a gear. A sword strike into water. Alternatives are available.

Thursday, December 13, 2018 around 02:00

A fire is declared at one of its CENI warehouses (see Press Release No. 36/CENI-RDC/18)

Thursday, December 13, 2018 around 08:00, the CENI announces

The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) brings to the attention of the national opinion that a fire broke out at one of its central warehouses of the Haut Commandement Avenue this Thursday 13/12/2018 around 2am in the morning. While investigations are under way to determine the origin and extent of the damage, the CENI reassures voters of the continuation of the electoral process.

(See Press Release No. 36/CENI-RDC/18)

And since then, Congolese have questioned …

  1. How did His Excellency Kikaya Bin Karubi announce a fire 4 hours before it happened?
  2. While vehicles are burned all around, how did wooden pallets escape the same fire?
  3. At the moment the CENI, 4 hours after the fire, says that “investigations are under way to determine the origin and extent of the damage“, how come that His Excellency Kikaya Bin Karubi already announced the extend of the damage (i.e., 7000 MAVs, urns and insulated corns) on December 12, 2018 – 4 hours prior to said fire?
  4. The CENI warehouse being located in one of the most secure areas of Kinshasa, how come that the guard assigned to the security of this place did not see anything coming?
  5. How come that Tele50 and Digital Congo, two broadcasting stations close to the government and, even RTNC, the national broadcasting station, which are keen on publicity, did not dare to show damaged or calcinated voting machines inside the warehouse?
  6. Finally, how can more than 7000 batteries burn without causing explosions?

Eish! Our Excellencies Bin Karubi and Naanga, Bobwaka Lokuta!!! Are you throwing powder in our eyes???

Dominic Kitambala Luwi

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